Procurement Process Lifecycle

  • Manage procurement in XpertERP right from material requisition, supplier quotes to Purchase Orders.
  • Buying the right quantities in right amounts can affect your cash flow and profitability positively.
  • Features like auto reorder and supplier quotation guide you into making informed decisions so that you procure effectively.
  • Automatically apply taxes to orders, rate suppliers and manage batched inventory.

Material Request

If any department is in need of any material, it be requested through ERP. Material Request can be of multiple types which includes:

  • Purchase: If the material being requested is to be purchased.

  • Material Transfer: If the material being requested is to be shifted from one Warehouse to another.

  • Material Issue: If the material being requested is to be Issued for some purpose like manufacturing.

  • Manufacture: If the material being requested is to be produced.

If any department is in need of any material, it be requested through ERP. Material Request can be of multiple types which includes:

Request for Quotation

  • XpertERP gives user flexibility as per the Organization flow, user can create RFQ from Material Request or directly make Purchase order for requested items for pre-selected supplier.
  • RFQ can be printed in PDF and shared on email with suppliers or Suppliers can login to the portal and submit their Quotations against requested items.


Anyone either a company or individual who provides products or services will be added as a supplier in XpertERP.

In Master data of Supplier you can easily configure all details once and start business with no hassle

  • Tax details
  • Currency and Price List
  • Credit Limit
  • Mode of Payments
  • Contact details

Supplier Dashboard

Will provide details related to supplier on single click and help to generate RFQ, Purchase order, Purchase Receipt, Purchase invoices and Payment entry against Supplier.

Supplier Quotation

Quotations sent by the suppliers can be entered by the organization or if give the access the suppliers will be able to submit quotations themselves. Suppliers can be alerted via Email or SMS to submit quotations against RFQ.

Purchase Order

  • Based on the Analysis of Quotations from Suppliers, for selected supplier Purchase Order will be generated in the system.
  • In purchase order, Taxes and items required by and target warehouse can be set so Supplier can ship to the desired location on required date.

To generate PO, items can be added easily by:

  • Barcode Scanner : You can add Items in the Items table by scanning their barcodes if you have a barcode scanner.
  • Material Request : can be fetch items listed in Material request of type “Purchase”
  • Multiple items : You can select multiple items at once from the Pop-up list of items .
  • Upload : Upload items list via CSV as well for PO of large number of items.

Purchase Receipt & Invoice

  • When ordered items are received from Supplier, Purchase Receipt is created against Purchase Order.
  • Purchase Invoice can be created from Purchase Order or Purchase Receipt.
  • When making payment to Supplier, Journal Entry will be created against Purchase Invoice in the system as well.
  • In Purchase receipt, Accepted Quantity is entered so Purchase/Sale invoice is created based on the items accepted at the warehouse
  • On Purchase Receipt, user can create Purchase Invoice, Stock entry and Return goods


  • Sell Faster With Simple Yet Powerful tool either its Full Sale process or directly sale on a Front Desk with POS terminal.
  • XpertERP manages the Sale process in detail from Lead to Payment entry with Pre-Sale, Order Processing, Shipping and Billing phases.
  • XpertERP POS is compatible with any device and it is user friendly, extremely flexible, and fully integrated with inventory for real-time stock control. It can operate irregardless of the internet connectivity i.e. works both online and offline.


  • During a sale, a customer may request for a note about the products or services you are planning to offer along with the prices and other terms of engagement. This has many names like “Proposal”, Estimate”, “Pro Forma Invoice” or a Quotation.

  • With XpertERP you can easily manage customers and their Quotations and send them in detail which further can be tracked and managed in the system.
  • You can create Quotations in XpertERP for existing Lead or directly without Lead/Opportunity entry.

In Quotation you can manage the information related to Products/items and payment terms & conditions

  • Items/Services – Add the list of items which need to add in Quotations.
  • Address and Contact – Customer address and contact details for contact during order process.

  • Currency and Price List – mention the Quotation and order currency and if the price list is added, the system will auto fetch prices of Quoted items from the system.

  • Taxes and Charges – Mention the Tax rules and also add any Charges which will be applicable to this Order.

  • Taxes and Charges – Mention the Tax rules and also add any Charges which will be applicable to this Order.

  • Shipping Rule – Add any Rules related to shipping/transportation

  • Payment Terms – Mention your Payment terms in detail as per company policy

Templates can be pre-set and selected which in turn reduces time in adding information.