A business process review (BPR) is used to evaluate the organization’s existing processes and work towards making them more efficient and effective which provides the edge a company needs to survive and thrive. It will ensure less wasted effort and will increase productivity.

Our services for ERP include a range of solutions which include HRM, Financial and budgeting, Retail Business automation, Procurement and Asset management, Education and Health system. For these services, we provide a Business process review. Business process review is to take a closer look at every area of the business, every daily task and any risks. By doing this, what your system should do is set.

Our Methodology for Business Process Review

Steps to include in your business process review (BPR):

The first step in this process is to research and understand how your business process is currently being run, identifying pain points ,workflows etc. We draw up visual representations of the business process from start to finish and its interactions with departments etc.
After charting out all the processes we conduct meetings with stakeholders and staff to brainstorm process issues, their reasons, ramifications and how to resolve them.
For each process area, we interpret and analyze the information generated during the consult and research phases. We have in on the key pain points, and highlight opportunities for improvement.
During the Report phase:

  • A recommendation report which addresses the issues/ pain points, opportunities/ solutions available and our action plan to put the desired processes in place
  • An overview presentation to key stakeholders to summarize the review and recommendations

Benefits of business process review

A key to a successful business process review


Everyday manual tasks like filling the form or running reports can take hours. It is a time taking process. These types of processes can be replaced by introducing new software.

Everyday redundant and manual tasks reduce productivity and waste valuable time. These types of processes can be automated by introducing new software and it will minimize rework and remove the number of unnecessary and tiring tasks.

Customer Satisfaction

According to Microsoft Study, more than 90 percent of customers would choose to take their business elsewhere rather than work with those relies on outdated technology.

According to Microsoft Study, more than 90 percent of customers would choose to take their business elsewhere rather than work with those who rely on outdated technology. BPR will ensure customer satisfaction by enabling employees to focus on activities that deliver right results for customers and stakeholders.

Reduce Risk & Efficiency

Manual work always has a high volume of risks. For this, business process improvement helps you highlight activities to automate.

BPR enables organizations to work more efficiently, they are able to save their resources. BPM also results in the creation of better-designed, executed and monitored processes which can help reduce the risk of fraud.