Who we are

We are experts at developing and implementing applications for mission-critical and enterprise-wide projects. Our dedicated team strategically approaches your challenges to develop solutions and system administration services that meet your objectives both short and long term. As an organization we’re inspired by teamwork, innovation, diversity, and integrity. We’re driven by professional excellence and always place our clients at the center of everything we do. For more than a decade we are providing IT based business solutions to our Local and International clients.

Why Choose Us?

MicroMerger UK is a global solution provider delivering business software solutions to the Warehousing & Logistic, Education, Healthcare,
Distribution, and Services industries. With 20,000 customers, MicroMerger provides integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP),
customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM) and enterprise retail software solutions that enable
companies to drive increased efficiency and improve profitability.

Founded in 2003, MicroMerger takes pride in more than 14 years of technology innovation delivering business solutions that provide the scalability and flexibility businesses need to build competitive

For more information, visit www.micromerger.co.uk.

Mission Statement

Our commitment to building relationships with clients, determination to deliver, and pride in results are hallmarks of our business. It is our vision to make our customers the best in the industry offering one of the best enterprise solutions.

Specialized Services

In addition to providing Enterprise Software we can help you cut costs, save time and streamline your work processes.
We provide effective, comprehensive and dependable HR and Financial management services to our non-governmental, public and private sector clients that maximize worth and form long-term affiliations.

Our Team

We have a good pool here comprising of experienced Project Managers, System Architects, skilful Developers, imaginative Designers, sharp Analysts, strong QA and Technical/Content writers. You can rest assured you’re in good hands, as we have years of experience in providing IT Solutions from large global blue chip companies to start-ups and smaller businesses.

Legal Status

MicroMerger UK is a Private Limited, company’s registration number is 14214601. MicroMerger is also a member of Software Export board (Registration no. Z-25-2376/11) since its inception.

Prominent Benefits of XpertERP

Some of Our Clients