Redefining boundaries of organizations

BPO has quickly emerged as a key business strategy. More than half of Fortune 500 companies are outsourcing and off-shoring to varying degrees, and others are actively considering them. Technological advancements and globalization has given way to a knowledge economy. With businesses growing rapidly, it has also resulted in many unprecedented challenges which gave way to business process outsourcing.

Businesses Process Outsourcing Services

The non core activities meaning secondary or supportive functions are outsourced in order to focus on core activities that have bearing on the success of the organization, create competitive advantage, reduce costs and improve service levels.

We offer a wide range of BPO services. Identifying client goals, problems and working with the client to resolve issues and achieve goals.It is the drive and passion to deliver extreme quality in everything we do which matters in the end.

MicroMerger offers incredible BPO services to a wide range of ventures.The BPO services unquestionably hangs on and sticks until the end. A portion of the services we offer incorporate the following:

Human Resource & Payroll

Financial & Accounting

Data Entry

IT & Cloud Services

Supply Chain

Data Analytics

            Why Outsource to Us?

Cost Saving

This is the main reason why businesses employ BPO services.Outsourcing will result in significant cost savings in overheads, labor costs, production costs, and so forth.When you hire in-house employees, you need to spend a considerable amount on training, equipment, tools, and salaries

Performance Improvements

By focusing and specializing on particular activities and skills, outsourcing providers often achieve better performance standards in customer service quality. These are reflected in the service level agreements and measured by performance metrics


In a quickly moving and uncertain business environment, flexibility is the key to manage the markets. By outsourcing, organizations can better manage sudden surges or drops in demand for their products and services, fix short-term problems in skills and supplies, reach the market with new offers faster than competitors, and cut expenses by not having to invest in new and costly technologies

Focus on core activities

While activities like payroll and data entry are important, they aren’t what organizations should focus on. If outsourced, organizations can shift their focus to core business activities.This organizations a major competitive advantage, so that they can better withstand market pressures and improve their profit margins